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Post by Charrcol on Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:38 pm

First of all do not try this unless you are clinically insane.

Well what happens when you put 2 AOE classes together with 2 of the best defensive cool downs? You get a croud controlling turret with enough demonic henchmen to make Reinhardt jealous.

This is going on my personal experience with the class.

- Croud control like none other
- Brilliant defensive cool downs
- If you can kite the NPCs you're going to do well.
- You have to be stationary to cast all your casting things.
- No Magician/Necromancer cross abilitys
- Poor boss fights

The magician half of this class has some quite interesting abilitys.
My personal faviourites are:
The Etchings - This gives up to 4 buffs increasing Crit, Speed and Damage
Knock-backing fire ball - Pretty much shoves anything that escapes the AOE you set back in to the AOE.
Metior Stike - High damage AOE but with a small area, This and purgatory bats will kill most NPCs the same level as you.
Ice stun - Spammable stun. Need I say more?

First of all you get the choice of 3 of 5 demons to take, I have Dante, the Succubus and  the 3 eyed Pokemon. The reasons for each are Dante has a ability that can cause the target to have a drop in movement speed, The succubus has a chance of healing your entire entourage and the Pokemon because it cute.
Purgatory bats - Deals heavy staking damage and slows anything caught in it (I think or just might be dante)
Large AOE - Not much damage but if you have the etchings buffs its very good, also extremely good for catching aggro to lure the NPCs in to a trap of bats and meteors.
Vile Shield - Takes 20% of of the damage for you and your demons for a while and gives them a heal.
Another ability I cant remember the name of - Large dot damage.

The big disadvantage to this class is that to cast anything that isnt an instant you have to stay still, and when you cast anyting that is an instant you are kept in place for the split second it takes to cast.

Gear - Speed, Speed is your friend. And with the character points Split equally between HP and Evasion, Damage and Speed, this will see you well.

Playing this you will feel unique as I haven't come accross any one playing it yet.


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